How To Spot Fake Genotropin?

Very important you need to look first the adjustment dial on the back of the pen is printed on the real pen. The fake pen has a sticker over it. You can easily spot the fake genotropin with this trick.


Blood tests for IGF should be conducted before and 1-2 months after the beginning of usage.

HGH serum test should be done 2-4 hours post injection.

These tests can be faked by high quality methods nowadays such as using gh releasers ( cjc ghrp etc) and igf in place of real hgh. This would cause you to get a fake high value in the blood test. As well as some cortisone to simulate the water retention in hands and hgh fragment for hunger.

I don’t place too much emphasis on blood tests because they can be faked and its no indication of quality. Also absorption is different in everyone one person will use 1 iu and get an increase in serum by 1 point another by 4 points….

However it is a start.


Usually human growth hormone has some specific effects on people fat loss, looking younger, better sleep, crazy vivid dreams swollen or tight feeling hands. You should have some of these effects . If you are using a good fake it may have Chinese hgh or ghrp6/insulin/frag/cortisone. Which would fake some effects but generally there is no rule of thumb. One person may sleep 3 hours longer than usual whilst another may have vivid dreams. Whereas a 3 person may be starving or lose his appetite and have an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing.

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